Saturday, 21 May 2011

Finding a use for 17mm

Having recently acquired a new bit of kit, I immediately ran home and played with it, only to find myself wondering if I would ever really use the whole range which the lens provides. After all, I had become accustomed to shooting at 50mm or longer, and could not really see myself using anything shorter than, say, 24mm, even for a wedding.

After a brief discussion with Leon, during which he tried his hardest to convince me that I would most definitely need the focal range, I still wasn't convinced, but decided to hang on to the lens anyway.

I played some more, and eventually started to figure out a few things about how to use the shorter focal lengths, And I'm finding that I'm starting to adapt my shooting style to include the new lens. This makes a few shots possible, when they were impossible to achieve before. It allows me to include vast amounts of negative space, where really, there is none. It allows me to exaggerate the distances between objects, the height of my subject, and lots of other little details.

I realise that there are many flaws in the photos below, but they are just experimentation, and are to be viewed as such ;)

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