Sunday, 29 December 2013

Creation is a wonderful place.

Thought for the Day:

Because these men will not accept the only explanation which can fit the facts of their own experience, they have become metaphysical magicians. No one has presented an idea, let alone demonstrated it to be feasible, to explain how the impersonal beginning, plus time, plus chance, can give personality. We are distracted by a flourish of endless words, and lo, personality has appeared out of the hat!

~ Francis A. Schaeffer, The God Who is There

A friend reminded me recently that I, too, am a part of God's wonderful creation. While true, I still find myself to be less interesting than the critters I observe and capture through my camera (disregarding the theological point of having been made in God's image, rendering my self-evaluation null as you, I and any person to ever walk the earth is of more value than any other created thing).

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Crab Spider and Experimental Backgrounds

This afternoon, Nik convinced me to follow him around searching for bugs for him to "take photos of". He's four, and his camera is a cheap plastic toy inspired by the movie, "Cars".