Sunday, 23 February 2014

35 Years.

As I posted on a social media website yesterday, we got to celebrate something extraordinary. While it might be commonplace for us, at least in our bond of Churches, it is not so common in the society that surrounds us. Out there, living apart from God, the average marriage (in Australia) lasts just 8.7 years from ceremony to separation.

So, at 35 years, my parents are well above average. And I thank God for that.

As a part of the celebrations, we took some family photos. And here are the results (nearly all of them, as I am using this post as the first look for everyone).


  1. These are awesome Dave! Love them all :)

  2. Love them Dave! :-)
    Danielle. xx

  3. Well done to every one who made this a good photo shoot that will give us lots of fond memories, that goes for the person taking the photos as well as the people being photographed.
    Mum and Dad

  4. Love them. Great photos.
    Aunty Anita

  5. Well done you! They are all really good. Must say you did have pretty impressive models and scenery too! :)
    Will love to see the rest when you are ready.
    X Lisa


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