Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Light Painting, Take Two

Thought for the Day:

If afflictions drive us nearer to Christ, the Bible and prayer, they are positive blessings. We may not think so now. But we shall think so when we wake up in another world.

J. C. Ryle

I pulled out the light painting gear again last night, while everyone else was sleeping, and tried a little bit more. This time, I tried out field work. While not completely practical (my tripod won't go low enough, the torch I was using has a wide spread [and the snoot gets in the way], slight breezes make 10 second exposures impractical, torch was too bright, so needed to illuminate very quickly which lead to errors).

Practice will remedy some of this, for the rest I'll find a workaround.

In any case, I only really got the one that I was happy with, and this one I'm very happy with. I can't help but think of Luke 12:28 when I look at flora, and this shot works with text on it, so I put some on.

Hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think.

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