Monday, 21 April 2014

Toodyay, Bugs, and an Art Gallery

Over the Easter long weekend, I took Cheree and the tribe up to Toodyay, where we met up with some family and friends, camping alongside the Avon river (or, to be more precise, the dry groove in the soil where the Avon river should be).

Among other things, we took a leisurely stroll through the historic town, and a couple of us popped in at an art gallery. Now, I'm no artist, nor am I an art critic of any description, but I saw a lot of pieces which, if they are an expression of the artist's philosophical view, are saddening. Don't get me wrong here: I am in full agreement with Schaeffer when he says that a work of art need not be photographic, in the poor sense of the word. Alas, only a small handful of pieces stood apart from the rest as not having been composed by an existentialist, and the rest were varying degrees of abstract. Even a simple landscape was abstracted out to near nothingness, albeit an aesthetically pleasing nothingness. So, they can keep their overpriced artwork. I'll stick to the artworks God has placed all around me. Speaking of artwork, check out this FB page, and subscribe: Art or Accident?

As I mentioned above, the riverbed is dry, apart from the occasional puddle. So it was inevitable that my stroll along the riverside eventually turned into a stroll through the river. Not having much luck with the critters - the only ones I saw ran away from the Frankencamera (TM) - I directed my attention to the plants.

One of the few critters I did capture 'on film' is this little guy, attracted by our camp lighting (which may or may not have been so effective that it lit up the entire caravan park). No solid ID as yet.

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