Saturday, 5 July 2014

An Idea

I had an idea. An idea so crazy, it just might work. So, I grabbed my gear and head towards Perth.
Armed with an idea, a camera, and transport, I was on my way. Then I heard the weather report. Something about one hundred percent chance of rain, destructive winds and storms. No bother; that was tomorrow's concern. And so, I carried on, unmoved in my determination.

The radio kept on making noises, some better than others. One period of noise was remarkably better than the rest, so I suggest you have a listen to this. Click play, close your eyes, and listen. I could definitely relate.

I arrived at my destination, and realised that the weather had indeed affected my plans. Cloudy skies meant that my idea wouldn't work; my plans were in tatters. So, I changed plans.

I got a few shots I'm happy with, but I'll still return one day to try out my other idea.

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