Friday, 8 August 2014

The Springing of Spring, and the Thinking of Thinks.

Spring appears to be Springing.

Usually, this time of year ignites a hint of excitement inside of me, as I see God's creation burst into life. I get a kick out of seeing the humble Bee busily gathering pollen, the dandelion buds open up into bright yellow flowers, the Dragon Flies, the Hover Flies, the Wasps, the Jumping Spiders, all gathering their food and performing the task they were created for. I get to see it all up close, and His handiwork makes me joyful.

But this time, for this week at least, that excitement is dulled by the events happening in the world around me. Loved ones are coming to terms with the loss of loved ones. Israel and Hamas are on Center Stage. ISIS is beheading children, simply for being the children of Christian parents. Christians in the Middle East are facing genocide on a scale unseen since the Armenian Genocide. My own country's media is in a frenzy over a surrogate child being abandoned with the surrogate mother, while failing to realise that the same child would most likely have been killed before birth here. The obliteration of gender and family continues unchecked. Ebola is wiping out villages in Africa. Loved ones have various different health concerns.

Every day, every hour, there is a reminder that the world is broken. Every day, we see the havoc caused by the Fall. The wedge of Sin driven between man and God, separating us. Every day, we see the need restoration. As the world falls apart around us, we see the need for Jesus. And we know that Jesus has already paid the debt, already given Himself that we might be restored, and not only us, but the world also.

We know that heaven and earth are stored up "for fire" on the day of final judgement (2 Peter 3: 7). We also know that this is being delayed: God's mercy and His desire for everyone to repent is delaying His outpouring of justice (2 Peter 3: 9). Go, therefore, and make disciples! (Matthew 28: 19). And we know that we, His Children, if we seek Him in repentance, will see a new heaven and a new earth, recreated in perfection (2 Peter 3: 13, Revelation 21: 1-5).

Imagine then, if you can, a world in which Spring declares God's creativity in a perfect way, when death and sickness and decay no longer tarnish His handiwork. How great that must be! So I look forward to His return!

I also took some photos, which is probably why you're here...

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  1. I understand perfectly your sentiments here. We live in a troubled world, and it can wear on us. But at the same time make us homesick for the Lord's soon return! In the midst of all the troubling and horrifying news, the Lord is merciful and creation is still declaring His glory. We can rejoice in these things and praise Him for the beauty in these little miracles. Love the photos! ~ Sharon


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