Sunday, 10 April 2016

Favourites From This Week

As some of you might be aware already, I am currently in a state of limbo; waiting for things to drop into place so that I might uproot my young family, travel across land and sea, and begin a new chapter in a different land.

Retrospectively, I can see the many blessings afforded us by God, in the people and the opportunities He gave us, and we trust that this will continue, as His plan comes to fruition. That's the big thing: His time, not ours. His glory, not ours. His Kingdom, not ours. His Will, not ours.

Those are not always easy things to remember, but perhaps they are pieces of the lessons we need before we are ready in His eyes.

Recently, in an email, I mentioned the current economic climate, and said that perhaps the only good I could see coming from it was that the Bride gets a reminder that we trust in God to "give us this day our daily bread." At that time, I didn't foresee myself being one of the people getting such a reminder.

Circumstances change, as they are prone to do in the construction industry.

I keep busy. The door was opened that I could get stuck into things around the house, and at others' homes.

The extra time means I can invest in the children. I'm a firm believer that a father must, if they wish to make a positive impact on a child's life, prioritise two times of the day: dinner time, and bed time. And any time you get on top of that is invaluable in the shaping of your child's heart.
So, I thank God for that.

The extra time also means that the door has opened for me to try something I have wanted to do for a while, but never allowed myself to try: hiring myself out for portraits and childrens' photos. I also get to pick up the camera a lot more now, and spam different social media with the resulting photos.

I seem to have digressed somewhat from the topic as stated in the title.

So, enough about feelings; Photos!

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