Saturday, 23 April 2011

A day at the Zoo

As it was a Saturday today, and we had no other plans, Cheree and I decided to take our son, Nik, to the Zoo. As Nik loves animals, we thought he would love it. And we were right. Even though he was completely beat at the end of the day - to the point where he was laying down in his pram between exhibits - he still got excited about every new animal we saw.

One of the highlights of the day was the Orangutans, which drove Nik into fits of laughter while breaking apart their frozen food (they were given fruit, inside a large ice brick). Another highlight was the Sun Bear, Maly, who came right up to the glass where Nik was looking. I also managed to be one of the few people allowed to walk through the Cotton Topped Tamarin (picture at the top of this post) enclosure, which was really quite neat.

I also had a lot of fun, running around taking photos of everything (and spending some time with my family), and while the conditions for taking photos might not have been ideal (dirty, fingerprint smeared, sunflaring, reflective glass in some places, and not much light in other places), I still got a fair few photos which I'm happy with. And here they are.

And two more shots, just to show you the best part about taking your kid(s) to the zoo:

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