Wednesday, 27 April 2011


 Yesterday really wasn't my day. After getting up super-early, only to return home with shots I could have achieved after waking at a normal time, I decided to try catch a sunset. So we headed off, out towards a spot which I had found out about via a forum which I frequent, where we met up with Leon and his family.

As we got closer to the beach, it appeared that the sunset was going to be a beauty. As we walked towards the spot where we would be shooting, the clouds, which I had anticipated to be catching the light and spreading the colour, moved in front of the sun, making sunset little more than fading light behind a silver lined cloud.

We still both fired off a few shots, but I wasn't at all confident of having anything worth keeping - I didn't even check when I got home last night, but that's also because bed was beckoning after my early start. Then, when I got home from work this afternoon, I saw that Leon had posted one of his shots, so I decided to see if anything had come from my own efforts.

While these shots are not exactly what I had in mind when I set off, and they both required heaving editing to achieve, I'm fairly happy with them.

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