Sunday, 14 August 2011

Two Years on

As I mentioned in my previous post, yesterday, Nik has just had his second birthday.

You would never guess it, considering the amount of bug photos I put up on the 'net, but having Nik is one of the main contributors to me picking up my first camera. Since then, I've been able to watch him grow, and document the process as he progressed from a content newborn, to learning how to roll, smile, crawl, walk, run, talk, and cause all sorts of mischief. It's been a fun two years, and isn't something I'd trade for the world.

So, get comfy, because I'm about to take you through the last two years of my photography, which coincides with the first two years of Nikolas' life.

*Note: I have left the images as they were first published*

From the day we met Nikolas

To the first newborn shoot I'd ever done

To the time he first went swimming

to the time he started crawling (this is where the real fun begins)

And on, to learning how to stand, pull himself up, and 'furniture walk'

To walking, completely unaided

Always practicing personal hygiene

We soon discovered his love for ball sports

He had his first birthday,

And learned how to jump

And he only continues to grow (in cheekiness, too)

He loves animals, as a trip to the zoo proved

He bathes, and feeds himself now

And scrubs up quite well

Then he became a big brother, which makes him quite proud

And finally, some shots that show my little man as he is now; when I can convince him to look at the camera.

So, what have I learned from this?
1) I used to suck.
2) You can never have enough photos of your children. There are so many memories that come back from a single photo...
3) It is really hard to cut down the number of images for something like this. If you feel there are too many: sorry.
4) You never stop learning.
5) I truly am blessed to be a part of my little tribe.

If you made it this far, thanks for looking!


  1. Brilliant Photos Dave! It's nice to see them, especially living so far away!

  2. Thanks Heidi.

    Haha, you will just have to move closer then, won't you? ;)

  3. This is really cute Dave :)


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