Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Spiders of the Jumping Variety.

‘In its bearing upon religion this vain notion is, however, no theme for mirth, for it is not only deceptive, but it threatens to be mischievous in a high degree. There is not a hair of truth upon this dog from its head to its tail, but it rends and tears the simple ones. In all its bearing upon scriptural truth, the evolution theory is in direct opposition to it. If God’s Word be true, evolution is a lie. I will not mince the matter: this is not the time for soft speaking.’
~ C. H. Spurgeon

One must do a great deal of hermeneutical gymnastics to escape the plain meaning of Genesis 1-2.
~R. C. Sproul

Earlier, I posted a Dragonfly shot. If you have not seen that yet, see it here along with a link to an interesting article about Dragonflies being used as a model for missile guidance systems.

In the same short shoot, I found a few (OK, a lot) of Jumping Spiders. These little guys have held a special place in my heart ever since I first looked at one through the viewfinder - the little guy jumped at me, scaring me half to death and very nearly resulting in myself falling off the chair upon which I stood.

The two spiders on display here are in the same family, but one is significantly younger than the other. As always, click the images for a better view.

Again, all credit should be given to the Master Designer; Me pressing a button pales in comparison.

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